Saturday, May 17, 2014

Another hospitali-cation

I was out of the hospital and just waiting for the results of the biospy.

Last Monday, we received text message from the ENT about the results.  He wanted to talk to us to discuss the next move.

The next day, wifey and I went to his clinic.  The result was not malignant.  Good!  But, he wanted to confirm by getting another tissue from the deeper part.  We had no choice but to agree just to confirm.  The operation is considered minor; but, it had to be done under general anaesthesia.  So, we spent the rest of the day getting clearances from the HMO, a cardiologist, and I was subjected to Pre-Anesthetic Risk Evaluation and Stratification.

The following day, I was admitted again.  And, the operation was performed the next morning.  I thought, I would be discharged in the afternoon.  But, the doctor informed us that I needed to be observed for 24 hours after the operation.  And, we waited for another day for a total of 3-day hospitali-cation.

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