Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mae's celebration

After the graduation ceremony came the celebration.  It's an overnight stay at the Bataan White Corals Beach Resort in Morong, Bataan

And, wow!.  The food was aplenty food, which was good for a battalion. Thus, it turned out to be an "eat all you can, but, you can't" situation.

Actually, I'd started eating ready to eat food as soon as I sat on the table - boiled sweet potato, chico, lettuce, adobo sandwich.  There some more - corn, mango, halo-halo, etc.

The cute celebrator, Mae:

The special guests:Potpot and Pancake, respectively:

The long and wide table:

The cooks: Wifey and Mae's Mama:
"Just wait for a while please; and, the dinner shall be served":

The dinner:  Kare-kare seafood, grilled talakitok, grilled squid, lettuce salad, and the chicken adobo:

That's a sumptuous dinner.  I still wanted to eat more but  . . .  There were left-overs, which would be dealt with tomorrow.

Thanks, Mae!  I wish next month you graduate again.

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  1. Everybody's super happy sa graduation celebration ni Mae! Thanks for the grand blow-out! Bukas ulit ha?!